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BobbleHead: A Unique Gift for the Graduation


Excerpt – Of all the graduation gifts available in the market, customized BobbleHead is emerging as a favorite pick for most people. The ‘live’ effect of a Graduation BobbleHead eternalizes your graduation day.


Graduation day is a momentous occasion in the life of a graduate. Parents looking for graduation gift ideas often end up giving their graduate sons and daughters a totally unrelated and a common gift item, which loses its relevance in a short while. The overall effect of an inappropriate graduation gift is the graduate quickly forgetting about that all-important day in his academic life.


To eternalize the aura of graduation day, pioneers customized graduation BobbleHeads. “In my times, we did not have many options when it came to graduation gift ideas. Most graduates of yesteryears can recall only photographs as graduation day memorabilia. You had to purchase the photographs in order to have some kind of memory of that historic day of your life. However, now I realize that I bought them because there were few choices from which to choose,” says Benjamin Iong, CEO of recalling his days when he graduated out of university after 4 years of electrical engineering studies.

“Then one day, my childhood-friend, Miles, came up with the idea of customized graduation BobbleHead as one of the unique graduation gift ideas of all time. I dwelt upon the idea and took a sample home and put it on my computer-table. While I typed, the BobbleHead seemed to be looking at me continuously as if I had some ‘live’ presence of a buddy in my room! The best part of a BobbleHead is that you can keep it for lifetime provided you handle it with care” continues Benjamin, explaining the origin of the graduation BobbleHeads.


The graduation BobbleHeads can be customized by printing the school name, year of class, and the faculty (major) on the base of the BobbleHead. Starting with graduating students from the university, plans to make available BobbleHeads for every important occasion in one’s life, like wedding, vacation, etc. also commits to contribute a certain percentage of earnings from the sale of BobbleHeads at the educational institutions back to the schools. Moreover, igradbobble BobbleHeads are eco-friendly with the use of environment-friendly raw material in its manufacture.


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